Protocol for Covid-19 prevention

Dear guests, for us yours and our health comes first; therefore, we decided to take the following measures:

Provisions for hotel staff:

  • Body temperature measurement, at the beginning of each work shift, in order to verify that this is below 37.5 °.
  • The staff is always required to use the mask and disposable gloves in the presence of customers and in any event in which it is not possible to guarantee the interpersonal distance of at least one meter.
  • The staff is required to frequent hand sanitation with available the hydro-alcoholic solutions.
  • Each object, supplied to guests by the facility, must be sanitized before and after each use.
  • The receptionist must always wear a face protection shield in the presence of guests.
  • The receptionist must ensure, at the end of each work shift, the sanitation of the work surface and the equipment used.

Common areas sanitation (several times a day):

  • Disinfection of the entrance doors’ handles, stair’s railing, doormats, bedroom’s handles, electrical switches, emergency telephones and of any other possible contact area.
  • Hygiene of intercom, entrance keypad.
  • Complete internal sanitation of the lift, of push-button panels and external handles.
  • Natural ventilation throughout the day in all environments with openings to the outside.

Daily room sanitization:

  • Natural ventilation (at least an hour).
  • Floors’ disinfection.
  • Remote controls’ disinfection.

Room sanitization at each check out:

  • Complete sanitization of the bathrooms by steam or sanitizing solution.
  • All contact areas (handles, remote controls, switches, breakfast equipment, microwave, etc …) disinfection.
  • Floors, chairs and tables
  • Grids and filters of the air conditioning system disinfection.
  • Natural ventilation for at least two hours.

Provisions for our guests:

  • The use of the mask is mandatory in the common areas.
  • It is forbidden to deposit used masks in the common areas.
  • At each entrance to the structure it is mandatory to sanitize the hands through the hydro-alcoholic solutions made available in the workstations near the doors.
  • It is forbidden to stop in the corridors and, in transit, compliance with the minimum distance of one meter is mandatory.
  • The use of the lift together with subjects not belonging to your family (or group) is prohibited.
  • It is recommended to respect the interpersonal distancing of at least one meter in all common areas, with a focus to transit, entry and exit areas.
  • It is recommended to prefer the use of online check-in through the references provided by the property.
  • We recommend the use of electronic payment methods avoiding, as far as possible, the use of cash.


At check in, we reserve the right to detect body temperature and to prevent entry into the facility if a temperature higher than 37.5 ° is detected.


Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.